Ready to embark on your first adventure?

Start seeing beyond the everyday—right now, right where you are. Being in the club means accessing adventure—any time, in any place. All you’ll need are the enclosed Escape-o-Vision Goggles and a smartphone (this is a virtual reality club, after all!).

Choose your destination AND select the VR icon (bottom right corner).


As an Escape Artist, the world is your canvas! Relax under a canopy of sky, explore a faraway place, adventure to a world from the past, and more! The Escape Artist VR Club page will provide a growing assortment of locations and experiences for your escape. Simply touch or select your destination of choice to activate the VR experience.

Insert your phone into the Escape-o-Vision Goggles and . . . WHOA! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!


Just kidding. You’re perfectly safe. Place your smartphone into the clip with the screen facing the two eye lenses. You may need to remove your phone from its case if the fit is too snug. Look through the lenses and relax your eyes (along with the rest of your body). Enjoy your own virtual getaway from the comfort of your desk; rotate your office chair around to really take it all in.

Escape Artists Illustration
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Where can we take you?

We invite you to suggest future destinations and participate in future adventures! No decoder ring necessary! Just post your ideas—and photos of your escape escapades—to social media with #EscapeArtistsVR.