Five Phases for Redesign Success

Get insights into the strategic plan for rebranding and redesigning a magazine that has resulted in some of our most recognized work. The guided process walks through the five phases of the redesign process that will help guide you to your own magazine redesign solution: Plan, Target, Brand, Design and Sustain. 


What's Included in the eBook Guide:
  • The redesign roadmap: an overview of the importance of each phase and indispensable lessons that can make a significant impact on the success of your rebrand

  • Approaches for getting leadership approval and conducting preliminary research to determine your goals

  • Insights into creating mission and vision statements, and how they differ from one another

  • An explanation of magazine components, design standards, and how  to get the most out of the design development phase

Get the ebook guide to start planning a magazine redesign that connects with readers and furthers your goals. 



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