A Case Study for a Health-Related Public Awareness Campaign

People looking to replace missing teeth are bombarded daily by advertising promoting implant dentistry. The question is, how does the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) stand out from the barrage of consumer information out there to advise the public on how to make informed decisions about this medical procedure, and the highly trained AAID-credentialed specialists in this field who invest in continuous education to provide expertise and advance this specialty?

First and foremost, AAID’s content needed to be revised and refreshed. We went right to the source and interviewed members and staff about the value of AAID credentials. We also conducted a communications and website audit to identify gaps in their current messaging.

To establish AAID as the gold standard certification for implant dentistry, we devised a traditional and digital integrated marketing strategy. 

What's Included in the Case Study:
  • Comprehensive market research and strategic planning based on ambitious public awareness goals

  • Extensive inbound marketing strategy to effectively reach the target audience, and a comprehensive communications plan to ensure the campaign message was consistent across all channels

  • Inside look at how our website redesign, engaging social media content, eye-catching graphics, and lead-generating materials

  • Tangible results of our ongoing execution of the campaign, including increased website traffic, higher engagement rates on social media, and a boost in patient inquiries for implant dentistry services

Download our Public Outreach case study and discover the power of results-driven communication.

AAID CaseStudy

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