New Brand, Tough Market, Smart Methods 

A Case Study on Launching an Educational Tool

When an reputable and long-established credentialing organization sought to launch their newest assessment product, there were more than a few challenges to contend with. For one, the product was still in its creation phase and would need a new name and brand identity well before its expected launch date. The product would also be their first foray into a new, and challenging, market, which meant market research and audience segmentation. And, most challenging of all, time was limited. Very limited. 

How do you ensure a successful product launch when new government mandates send a flurry of competitors hurtling towards your finish line?  Read the case study to see how a combination of branding knowledge, creativity, detailed strategy, and tactical use of marketing technologies brought a new product to market despite the many challenges.

What's Included in the Case Study:
  • Insights into the unique challenges of the project and a breakdown of the process and plan for reaching its goals 

  • Summaries of the branding, marketing strategy, communications development, and technology solutions to set the stage for the launch, including how inbound marketing and HubSpot marketing automation came into play

  • An overview of project results and ample visual examples to inform and inspire your own branding and product launches  

Get the case study and see for yourself how an organization entered a new market and launched a groundbreaking product at the same time. 



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